Sunday, 20 December 2015

Where the small resembles the large when the large was small (except in the love of Disney. The large, when small, did not love Disney)

Kittencat has end of Christmas term ill. Not too badly, but she's coughing, and sneezing, and wheezing like an old horse, and generally reacting to the disruption to routine and piling on of junk food that school apparently feel is necessary in the run up to Christmas. All manageable with lots of sleep, calpol, cough linctus, Karvol and Vicks Vaporub, and although not yet well she's significantly better than she's been for a few days and is currently bounding about in her bedroom with soft toy Elsa, replacement soft toy Anna (original Anna broke, and my mend job was considered grossly inadequate), and newly acquired soft toy Rapunzel. We went to the Disney shop yesterday. We were supposed to do Christmas shopping, but town was busy, the child less than well, and I promised her we'd go to the Disney shop when we did our Christmas shopping. We didn't do our Christmas shopping. Christmas shopping is boring. Seeing the delight in a child's face when they find something they love and will treasure indefinitely is not boring, though that too is a rare shopping experience. I mostly hate shopping, but that was quite fun. Oh, and we also went to Paperchase, and she chose a diary, and a pen, because she's enamoured with the idea of a book you can write in every day and write the date at the top of the page.

She slept all the way home, on purpose, and then ate some tea and slept all night. Kittencat needs a rest these holidays and lots of sleep.

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