Monday, 20 June 2011


I'm trying to focus on doing an Open University course. It's only a 3 month job, but there are about 4 weeks to go, and about 3 months of work still to achieve. Of course, it's the normal state of affairs that I work better under pressure. But this applies pressure to the Boy as well, who is taking on all the standard evening chores, like tidying up after Kittencat, for the duration of this mini marathon of learningness in which I shall hopefully rediscover my brain.

In other news, the Kittencat is 9 1/2 months old, and running around everywhere. Well, crawling to things she can run around, and then running around them whilst holding on. When we go to get peas out of the freezer she enjoys stealing and eating the still frozen peas. She has quite a sense of humour, and looks pleased with herself when she decides to steal the phone, and more so when the mission is accomplished. She doesn't miss me when she's with the grandfolks, and is happy as can be in their company, which is smashing news in time for End of the Road.