Sunday, 22 March 2015

There are always three choices

In any situation, there are three choices. Accept it, change it, or walk away.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Head injuries rule. Kinda

So it's essay season again. And I lost a week because I turned myself into more of a blathering idiot than normal. But placement is over, there is a deadline Friday, one on Monday and one next Friday, and, because I'm not really well yet, I'm not in anyway worried, or overthinking, or in any kind of self defeating spiral of crazed last minute. 2000 words on sociolinguistics for Friday, 2000 words on psychological theory related to health behaviours on Monday, and a clinic pack for my video viva on Friday 27th. Totally achievable. Probably more so than usual, due to the lack of stress and the current obsession with classical music, interspersed with a bit of drone.

Monday, 16 March 2015


When I grow up, I want to be Ron Swanson.

So I concussed myself and broke my nose

By walking into a door. Beat that, motherfucker. (The challenge to beat that also extends to those who have no Oedipal issues).

So yeah. For the past week I have been woefully incompetent, for the most part blissfully and ignorantly so. For the first seven days, I wasn't really able to stand for more than a few minutes without getting horribly dizzy and unduly, excessively tired. Complex thought has for the most part been beyond my capacities, and when attempted has rendered me preternaturally hungry. Yes, I have been eating pretty much everything in sight. And it was delicious.

Mostly, I have been much better over the last 48 hours, though my thought processes are still slow, I still tire easily and I'm still eating like I'm at an overpriced all you can eat buffet. What's striking though is that I'm able to articulate my thoughts in written form more easily than verbally. Articulating well defined conversational sentences is proving tricky. I lose where I'm up to. I pause. I hesitate. I struggle to find the right words. I was never a great orator, but at least I could maintain the flow of my ideas.

I'm also a little blunter and more honest right now, for all my lack of spoken clarity. A friend wryly suggested that isn't really possible. I can only apologise in advance.