Monday, 30 May 2016

I have a kettle bell

And I have not yet dropped it on my foot. Go me!

*Please note, I hope I never do. My admittedly very ugly feet are very important to me and take me lots of places and really help me in doing all the fun stuff.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Something I do from time to time.

I thought of sending you something, but I deleted you from my phone so that any and all contact must be more than an absentminded moment.

This is occasionally a worthwhile exercise for those who are not worth your absentminded moments. Also for those where a friendship has become a little one sided, still mutually fun (you think), but you are always the one suggesting meeting up, contact is rarely initiated the other way. Sometimes, drawing back is necessary. Either folk will come forward to meet you or they will leave you with space to meet others.

Unfortunately friendship is rarely balanced, but when the imbalance becomes too great, it's good to step back, or you may find yourself turning into one of those mildly suffocating people you yourself find so difficult to be around.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

I did something radical

There are things that you do. And then there are things you just don't do. Despite the compelling evidence that you should, you just don't. 

I did. I did the radical thing. I feel incredible. But it's beyond comprehension for the vast majority of the world, so let's just say I did a thing, and I am the better for it. As to ongoing benefit, we shall see. But I feel very very well.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

An announcement

So, it's Sounds from the other city next weekend, and in due deference to tradition, I shall be speed dating all the bands, from all the stages, a day or two before (Thursday night to be precise) and posting the resulting judgements (based on a maximum of 60-120 seconds of snap judgement) up here for all to see. Guest judge will be Corky, there may be beer involved.

An entertaining thing

You know how when your male friends take about meeting a nameless, genderless "friend", and they think you don't realise it's a date, or someone they're fucking, or want to be fucking, or are embarrassed about fucking?

The trick, chaps, is to just name them e.g. My mate Griselda. Not my friend Griselda, unless it's followed by, you know, Griselda, who goes out with Tom. Otherwise, it sounds like you're shagging them. Or want to be.

** On the flip side, male acquaintances who don't name their friends... Probably just trying to avoid having anything in common with you, barr your acquaintance, it makes it so much neater to awkwardly avoid you post the functional shag that they acquaintanced you for in the first place. Just because it never happens, does not mean that is not the design.

** Everyone does this, not just men. Probably.